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the joy of food

Coexist Community Kitchen, Easton, Bristol. December 2020.

This mural is a celebration of all the wonderful ingredients which reside inside the pantry cupboards, bringing vibrancy to an area of the kitchen which is much used. It shines a light on the original sources of our food as well as being a visual guide to what lives in each section of the cupboard.The figures within the painting are a reminder that it is the people who bring these ingredients to to life – in the creativity of cooking and sharing of food together.

This mural was painted with the help of a small group from the migrant community in Bristol.The process of designing the mural began with a creative workshop; together we discussed the importance of food in our different cultures and payed attention to the original sources of the ingredients from the land. We created drawings during our discussion, many of which were contributing elements for the mural design.