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I painted this lettering mural for Aloha surfshop in Goa

Aloha is an ancient Hawaiian word which was known to be used by the proto-Polynesians. It’s more than just a hello or goodbye, it’s used as an expression of love and the magic we cannot see. The ‘aloha spirit’ is the essence of the laid back attitude to a fulfilling life, it’s one of the seeds which planted surf culture as we know it today

When broken down the word has an even more beautiful and profound sentiment

“Alo” – to experience, share, follow .

“Ha” – the breath, life .

The ancient Polynesians were surfers, this was part of their way of life for ritual and for pleasure.

And here we are still in awe of the magic riding waves can bring, experiencing the ocean in this unique way which breathes life into us all