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Seaweed stories

I’ll be adding more content to this page very soon, it’s been a busy few weeks building up to the MA exhibition!
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In the meantime here are two special algae projects which have helped my research abundantly for this project, please check them out!

The Seaweed Institute 


Through workshops in the community Kerry and Ruth explore all things algae, teaching how to carefully harvest and eat it, whilst collecting people’s stories and celebrating its beauty and intelligence. Their backgrounds in both scientific and design-led seaweed research provide an amazing knowledge base for an inspiring learning experience.


Mid Wales

Kirsti was born and lives in the Dyfi valley, Mid-Wales. Growing up she always felt suspended between her upbringing within an alternative scientific community and the rooted Welsh landscape and language. Witnessing first hand the sometimes destructive ignorance of the environmental movement, Kirsti has dedicated her working life to projects which are personal, culturally respectful and that empower others. Through seaweed and her project ‘Gwymona’ she has found a way of connecting to a wide range of people, as well as herself, and intends to work on it for many years to come.