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This is a handmade book I created as part of my final major project on my recently completed MA Illustration: Authorial Practice course at Falmouth university.

The book is 56 pages in length and takes the reader on a journey through the ‘intertidal zone’ – the ocean’s edges. The intention behind the book is to encourage more of an active interest in this coastal environment through the lens of seaweed. This has been achieved by blending a personal narrative and facts. I am in the process of approaching publishers to take this project to the next stage.

I worked with two incredible seaweed projects who helped with some of the research elements of this book – The Seaweed Institute in Cornwall and Gwymona in West Wales.

The art materials I used were also a part of my research. The cover and back have been screen printed using Hunt The Moon inks on Notpla seaweed paper. The interior pages have been digitally printed on recycled paper made in the EU from 100% post consumer waste from Eco Craft.

I developed ten of the illustrations into two colour limited edition screen prints, which will soon be available for purchase in my online shop.