Here are a selection of fascinating talks captured through a method called visual minutes,  created in collaboration with fellow artist Temujen Gunawardena




ALTER EGO – festival of spirituality and Politics

Where politics and spirituality converse. The event was held in the beautiful Quadrangle Trust just outside London, skillfully moderated by Jonathan Rawson – former director of the Social Brain Centre at the RSA and Grandmaster – and richly infused by an incredible array of thinkers, writers, entrepreneurs and progressive political party leaders  13475004_10153738373576279_8461212705683749371_o temjam_ballawaves_dailylife




Visual minutes depicting some of the talks and workshops that were held in the ‘food sovereignty’ room and illustrating the work that Lush do around this topic.

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THEAMA  think tank

A series of four collaborative workshops exploring myth and technology initiated by Akrham Kahn. The first two were held in a beautiful room over looking the Thames in the Tate Modern in London

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