Explainer video for Yonder:
Yonder is a climbing, co-working, yoga, cafe-bar & event space in London, passionately blurring the lines between work and play. This video illustrates the connections between happiness, productivity and exercise with some sciencey facts.

Illustration, direction and edit: Ballawaves
Narration: Paul Vooght (one of the Yonder founders) www.facebook.com/yondere17
Music: Ben Glass    www.soundcloud.com/benjaminglass
Special thanks to Dandan and Robert


Mindful with devices (animated short)

With thanks to Ben Glass for the sample from his track ‘My six friends’.
www. soundcloud.com/benjaminglass


Live illustration for Yonder concept

Narration: Paul and James (Yonder founders)
Filmed and edited by: Joey Murréll (Murrell Productions/Arora)      Paper art: Ana Ling
Music by: Greenwood Sharps Greenwood Sharps


Live illustration with Temjam for SBFC music video

Video directed by SBFC    – Camera: Jack Taylor Gotch   –     Camera: Rosie Reed Gold     –     Skateboard: Capitol K                                                 Edit: TENENTNET http://bit.ly/tenentnet

Illustrated intro for Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam