This mural can be seen in Wayan’s Warung on the cliff’s of Uluwatu, Bali. Project Clean Uluwatu – who supported the mural painting- are a collaborative non-profit organization that create sustainable environmental solutions for waste management for the area, a shining example of proactive changemakers . They also have one of the best outdoor office’s I’ve ever seen – looking out over the endless peeling lefthander waves of Uluwatu

The cascading white water rice paddies, watery TV screens and many more details are playful references to my experience of joy and peace that being in the surf gives to me.

In memory of my lovely friend Gerhard Engelbrecht, who introduced me to Project Clean Uluwatu.


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The white water here is painted to be like the flooded rice paddies of Bali…what an incredible landscape this island has?✨













































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