Hippy Milk Guilt and Emotional Fitness  EXHIBITION
Hamilton House, Bristol June, 2018

An exhibition traversing consumer choices and emotional resilience
in our daily lives, presenting a series of interactive installations and a
tiny cinema of delights created by artist Ballawaves and of the
CoResist Collective.

The exhibition sought to express patterns of consumerism and emotional
resilience through a lens of humour, stubborn internal cynicism and
dreamlike optimism.
The playful and interactive exhibition synthesized scientific, academic
and holistic discourses to interrogate how different social patterns affect
our habits, personalities and essentially what we consume.



Sitting within the exhibition were a series of Ballawaves illustrations,
typographic work and animations. As an artist, Ballawaves continues
to be fascinated with the complex state of our inner landscapes as
human beings; questioning how our desires are curtailed by modern life.
This new series of work navigates the benefits of increasing time
spent outdoors; following social media diets; and burning off excess
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